Startup guidance for immigrants

Have you thought of starting your own company and have another native language than Norwegian?  Etablererkontoret Telemark can help you during the start up with advise and guidance on different topics.

We offer consulting in English but in addition we also have developed Norwegian courses with very easy language.

You can participate on these courses together with others who want to start their own company, or go through a course with an advisor from Etablererkontoret. The course has the same theme as our regular SmartStart course, but it is divided into smaller parts which has an explanation in Norwegian of the difficult words. There is also room for you to make your own notes on words and topics.

Your advisor will explain everything in an easy Language, and make sure that everyone understands. It is however important that you get a good understanding of the Norwegian words and terminology regarding the running of your company. You will need it for instance in communicating with customers, suppliers, your accountant and when you get letters from the Tax office or other public offices.

As mentioned earlier we can give you advice and guidance in English, but in most cases you also need to learn Norwegian. It might also be important to learn about the Norwegian culture to understand what your customers want, and except from you.

Through the project “Etablererveiledning for innvandrere” we have made a good connection with Nav, the refugee service and the adult learning centers in Telemark. Through the project we are going to share the course with our connections. Some municipals have now made the first course a part of their Introductionprogram for immigrants. This course is a simple introduction on how to run your own company in Norway.

We have received financial support from Imdi and Telemark Fylkeskommune for this project in order to develop of our service for immigrant with another native language.

Please contact one of our offices if you need more information about our Project or if you would like to hear more about what kind of help and advice we can give.

Our offices are supported from the municipals in Telemark and Telemark Fylkeskommune, so all our services are free of charge. Information will be given in marketing if there should be any arrangements where payment is required.

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Tone Allum

Manager Etablererkontoret Grenland and  business advisor
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Geir Lia

Business advisor
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Ragnhild Edvardsen

Business advisor
tlf 355 88 620

Irene Halvorsen

Reception manager
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Ann Kristin Ødegård

Business advisor
tlf 919 10 797

Karsten Pedersen

Business advisor
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tlf 359 01 190 


Rune Kolstad

Business advisor
tlf 977 15 927

Halvor Grene

Business advisor
tlf 970 56 029

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